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Fifty-two on Fridays {Old} | SF Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer

Welcome back to my project 52. Thanks for returning for my last blog post in July. My how the year is flying by. In case you are new to my blog Fifty-two on Fridays is a creative journey shared between 15 other photographers from The Bloom Forum, across the United States. As always, don’t forget to link to the next photographer in the blog circle at the bottom of my post, to check out her interpretation of the theme or prompt.

This week the theme is old. Themes like this one are difficult for me, because I have more of a modern style. When I found out the prompt/theme was ‘old’, I immediately started chanting in my head, “old, old-fashioned, vintage, old, old” and looked around my house for something ‘old’ in a desperate attempt to have an amazing idea to photograph. I kept coming back to one item that was old, and has a lot of meaning for me. That special something is this ring. It was given to me by my grandmother on the day I got married to my husband (he is the very handsome guy in the photograph). It was part of the old-fashioned tradition, “something old, something new, something borrowed, some blue”. This ring belonged to my grandpa. My grandparents were married over 50 years before he passed away. My grandpa was everything to me, he was the most amazing man in my life, and while he couldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle the day I got married, I had a piece of him, his ring, that I held close to me that day. In fact, my grandmother put a blue ribbon on it, hoping that I would tie it into my wedding dress. Instead, I wore the ring, it brought me such comfort and happiness. I’ve worn this ‘old’ ring on other very special occasions in my life, the day I defended my graduate thesis, and I took it with me to the hospital when each of my children were born. This week, I kindly asked my husband if he would be in the picture with the ring. The ring fits him perfectly, it is the same size as his wedding band. I love that I now have a picture of something ‘old’ and very dear to my heart, with the most amazing man in my life.



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Me and Mine | San Francisco Peninsula Family Photography

I have a friend, Hope Toliver, that is part of my Project 52 Blog circle. She shared with me a personal project that she was doing with her girls called, “Me and Mine”. It was an opportunity to capture a moment with her children. To not be behind the camera, but instead to be in the photograph holding onto the things that matter most, those gifts that God has blessed us with. This is my “me and mine”!

Yesterday, Nate and I grabbed the kids for a train ride to Burlingame. Aftering stopping off for a quick round on the monkey bars at Washington Park, we then headed to Il Fornio for an early lunch, late brunch. In between train rides, eggs, bacon, cafe machiattos, and berry bowls, I kindly asked Nate if he wouldn’t mind taking a few with me and the kids. I’ve been looking for any opportunity to scout out the Burlingame Train station for a photoshoot. The station has lots of lovely little pockets of light to photograph in, not to mention lots of rich color as a backdrop. The kids loved having their pictures taken with mom. There were tons of tickles, a few hugs, and not a lot of looking at the camera. But that is ok! The kids were so “in to” having their pictures taken that I snapped a few individuals too.
I am lucky to have these precious photographs with my lovies. If you would like to take a moment and see Hope and her lovies, please click the link to Hope Toliver | Three Sisters Blog.

{Me and Mine}



Fifty-two on Fridays | Silhouettes | SF Bay Area Family Photographer

Welcome back to my project 52. In case you are new to my blog this is a creative journey shared between 15 other photographers from The Bloom Forum, across the United States. As always, don’t forget to link to the next photographer in the blog circle at the bottom of my post to check out her interpretation of the theme or prompt.

This weeks theme is Silhouettes. 

Silhouettes are one of those techniques that can be difficult to photograph, intentionally! I have tons of photographs of silhouettes in my archives that I never intentionally meant to photograph. And they usually resulted because I wasn’t metering or exposing for my subject. And in that mistake  lies the answer to how to photograph a silhouette. Silhouettes can be achieved by metering for the light areas or light source around your subject and not the subject itself.

My silhouette this week is of my son visiting the California Academy of Sciences aquarium on his field trip this past Friday.  To get the shot I set my camera to manual, set my aperture at 2.o (I was shooting in near darkness) and metered off the bright blue water in the aquarium, and adjusted my shutter speed to get my meter about 2/3 of a stop over zero.  Oh, yeah, my ISO was at 2000, just in case your curious. Silhouettes are not easy to get when you are actually trying to achieve them, so sometimes you need to take lots of shots, I mean lots! When I was first learning how to photograph silhouettes, I would use the bracketing for exposure function on my camera. Lastly, silhouettes work out best when the light source is directly behind your subject, and usually on the horizon.

{Silhouette} California Academy Sciences, Ganon Summer Field Trip July 2011


And I really wanted to include the one below, because you can just see the excitement on his face as the rest of his classmates showed at the start of the field trip. It was a great day.


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My Family Twelve Times & Thankful Thursday | Belmont CA Family Photographer

I am getting greedy tonight and rolling my Thankful Thursday post and My Family Twelve Times post from…JUNE all in one post tonight. If I don’t just get my family 4×12 post out there, tonight, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So if you are a fan of my sweet little family, you are in store, because this post is full of fun family pics!

{My family twelve times} Taken when Nate and I took the kids to see Cars 2. This was their very first movie theater experience and they absolutely loved it! Thank you, yet again, to my friend Tara for taking the photo! These photos were taken in almost near darkness!


{Thankful Thursday}. This week I am thankful for good ole family time! This is us, enjoying the kids first trip to the movie theater. I will treasure moments and memories like these!

Getting ready to race up the stairs to the concession stands and long line to enter the theater!

Getting the goodies!

“The screen is like a million feet tall, mommy!” Taken in almost near darkness!

How We Connect | San Francisco Family Lifestyle Photography

How we connect. We Twitter, we text, we Facebook, we Pinterest, we LOL, we post on forums. But do we really connect?

Connection: A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

I am not anti-digital media. I know that we CAN be connected to each other through all of the available digital media. But, I am pro-connection. I am for turning off the iPhone, the iPad, iMAC, for some amount of time in order to really connect with the people that matter most to me. Share a joke, share a laugh, or a good cry. Have an hour long conversation over coffee. Look into a person eyes and really see them. Connect with them.


Fifty-two on Fridays {On the shelf}| San Mateo CA Family Photographer

Welcome back to my Project 52.  We are on week 27, and I can hardly believe it??? It seems like the summer is flying by me, and I’ve barely started to enjoy it. And, in case you haven’t visited my blog before, my project 52 is a creative journey shared with 14 other amazing photographers where we explore and interpret different themes and prompts each week.There is some pretty amazing talent in this circle, so don’t forget to click the link to the next photographer in the circle at the bottom of my post.

Well, I have to admit I almost chickened out on my post. My work load has been INSANE! Photography and the personal projects, like my Project 52 keeps me from becoming all work and no play, but this week’s theme was a toughie!  My creative mojo is on vacation without me!  The theme this week is {On the shelf}.  Like I said my creative mojo was flat this week, but I did go out and shoot with the sole intention of capturing the theme, which is what this project is about. All I can say is I can’t wait to see how the ladies in my blog-circle took to interpreting this week’s theme.

For this theme, on the shelf, brings to mind books.  And so I headed to the library with not just two uncooperative subjects, but three (insert sarcasm here).

{On the shelf}


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San Francisco Child Portraits | The light, a field, and the gorgeous Miss P.

I am so excited to share a very special session that I had with this young lady, Miss P. This little girl means the world to me. I paced outside the waiting room for hours the day she was born and when she brought such wonderful joy to my brother and his wife. The moment I looked on her my heart was overwhelmed with love. When I look at her, I can still hear her as a tiny little two year old over the phone, telling me the sounds that all of the animals make, the lion was her favorite to imitate. Or her running hugs that she would greet me with when I would come to visit. She still gives me these wonderful hugs, but now she is much to tall to give the running flying leaps into my arms, since she is almost as tall as I am!

I was so happy that my brother and his family came for a visit last weekend. Somewhat unplanned, we all decided it had been far too long a time that we hadn’t seen each other as a family. It warmed my heart for my children to have the weekend just being with their cousins. It was especially a good time because we were also celebrating Miss P. and her 10th birthday. I was in heaven when she agreed to let me take her birthday portraits.

Miss P. I love you so very much. Happy Birthday, my dear.




And me and my beautiful niece.

Independence | Fifty-two on Fridays | Bay Area Peninsula Natural Light Photographer

Welcome back to my Project 52. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday weekend! I had an amazing weekend, spending it with my brother and his family. There are some exciting changes to the Blog-circle Project 52 for the second half of the year. We have some new ladies who will be joining in the cirlce and sharing their amazing perspective and interpretation of each weeks theme or prompt. Please remember to click the link at the bottom of my post to the next photographer to see her take on this weeks theme. Unfortunately, there are some amazing photographers that have been part of our blog circle since we started in January, that have had to step out of the circle. Everyone will be very missed and in our thoughts!

On to this weeks theme, Independence. This week I have decided to feature my oldest child on Fourth of July morning. This particular photograph was striking to me. When I look at him now, I no longer see a baby or a toddler, but a little boy. A little boy that is growing and changing right before my very eyes, in every picture that I take. In each month that passes I see him struggle to not be a toddler, but to exert his own independence, his own choices, to know more about the world, and how he is going to fit into it, and to test the knowledge that he has learned in his few short years. I never realized the amount of change both physically and emotionally that a young boy experiences before the age of five.



And my outtake, featuring the Fourth of July garland that we made together, and his plan for a photoshoot…he found just the right tree stump in just the right light for me to take the picture. Seriously, he picked it all out!

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Thankful Thursday | SF Bay Area Family Photographer | Jayme Franklin

Thankful Thursday. Thankful that my brother and his family came for a weekend visit. It had been too long since both of our families had been together. We had a wonderful time just being with each other.

There are just too many things when it come to my brother and his family that I am thankful for, that this week I just have to say my heart is full.


Miss P. | San Francisco Bay Area Child Photography | Jayme Franklin

Just two for now, of the gorgeous Miss P.