Coconut and Lime loaf | The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook

This month I am sharing with all of you my continued adventures through The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. The more I make my way through Sara Forte’s cookbook and blog, the more in love I fall with her recipes. This week cooking adventures through The Sprouted Kitchen took my senses on vacation while preparing and baking a toasted coconut loaf. This loaf can be a snack, a breakfast pastry or an after-dinner treat.

While preparing this recipe, I whistled, “Put the lime in the coconut…”, and so to complement the subtle coconut flavors I added fresh lime zest to the loaf. The tropical vibe just kept sweeping through the kitchen with the addition of a mashed banana, and a preparation of a coconut milk and lime juice glaze. This fantastic coconut loaf was generously soaked in the lime glaze and topped with toasted coconut. And on this particular night, the loaf was enjoyed as a BEFORE dinner snack.

Life is short, so eat dessert FIRST.

Joining me this month is my friend and food photographer Tricia Bovey 

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