How I Fixed My Posture Using Posture Brace I Brought from Amazon

If you were like me, your health, and most importantly posture was the least of your worries during childhood. After all, we all had more important things to figure at the moment, right? Wrong.

I can clearly remember how my mom always used to pester me to sit upright, but as an early act of defiance, I would slouch further on the seat, slump on the dinner table, while rolling out my eyes, and proudly accepting myself as a slouchy kid who had more important business to attend to rather than posture.

Moving on to my teenage years, I can remember mom saying, “You know standing up straight will make you more confident, allow you to breathe better, improve your spinal health, and get rid of lethargy.” Interestingly, I had the confidence to turn her down, with the biggest eye roll of all.

Turning Point

My realization about my health and posture came to pass when I picked a roll of film from a disposable camera a week after my senior prom

I remember sitting in the parking lot in a pool of 19-year-old devastation.

In spite of the diligent and careful selection of my perfect fuchsia dree, it still did not bring the best out of me. It`s seemed I was the odd one out in the group photo and I did not like any of the photos.

And it was all because of my poor posture.

Yes, poor posture not only affects your health, but it also distorts your physical appearance. The slouching stature took a toll on my self-esteem and confidence.

posture corrector story

With the realization that my posture was not good, it sent me to a mission to learn how to stand up straight. It wasn`t just because I wanted to look better, but I was increasing becoming cognizant of the health effects of poor posture.

However, as the technology evolved, so did opportunities of standing straight slump- the increasing use of laptops and smartphones lead to me craning my neck to the screen, and in effect, this resulted to neck and back pain, shoulder pain and constant knots on my back.

Like a majority of the people, I had always thought that standing up straight is a combination of reflexes and the simple willpower of standing or sitting in an erect position, regardless of how painful it was.
However, as I was to find out, standing erect is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you`re accustomed to slouching.

Moving on, the time came for me to get married, and I decided I was not going to recreate my slouchy prom day photos on my wedding day.

And this is when I decided to ask for medical help and did some online research on how to correct my bad posture, and I came across the term posture brace.

What are Posture Correctors?

Postural support braces are devices designed to retrain good postures.

And as their name suggests, these braces provide support for your straight posture, limit slouching, and reduce undue pressures on the neck, shoulders, joints, and muscles during strenuous activities.

A posture corrector achieves this by limiting forward shoulder movement, meaning that you`ll always be standing straight and erect. It also restricts bending as well as slouching of the spine.

What I loved most about the posture correctors I bought from Amazon is that they offer gentle yet firm support, that resulted in a taller and straighter spine.

In particular, given that I spend a better part of my day at my office desk, I have found out that the posture support I bought has limited me hunching over my desk. Most importantly, it keeps me alert and straight-up during the endless pointless meetings with the boss.

Another area, which I think I have improved my posture is on my movie watching habits. Initially, my couch had developed a permanent butt-print, but with the posture corrector, I now feel less guilty of watching all the 236 episodes of Friends.

But who else can the posture braces benefit?

As I have found out, posture correctors are all-around support items that can correct a variety of back issues, including issues with individuals with:

• Acute neck and back pain
• chronic and posture related headaches and pain in the shoulder, neck and upper back
• Healing and recovering from back pain injuries



When it comes to posture correction, correcting the core is everything.

Sure, doing yoga and massage might help, but posture brace is the crux of the matter.

Remember that a good posture does not start on your shoulders, but rather on your core and back, so investing in a posture support device is a priceless commodity if you`re you stand straight.

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