Summer Fennel Slaw | Kitchen Adventures

It’s been a while. Almost the entire summer without a post. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting, cooking, and having a wonderful summer. It just means I’ve spent little time in front of the computer. Which is a good thing? I spend so much time in front of the computer for work, that the idea of blogging, just gets pushed aside. But I do miss my blog. I miss my food photography friends, Allison and Tricia. But today, we are together again. Posting together our latest and greatest from our kitchens. Sharing our adventures and taking pictures along the way. Each telling our own stories.

This summer fennel salad is one I adopted from, The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook. This is one of my favorite cookbooks that I grab often. The salad is super easy to make and taste awesome alongside a beer on a hot evening. Now you might wonder, why I shot a picture of my Good and Plenty treats. Well, the taste of fennel reminds me of black licorice, and as a child, these candies were one of my favorites. I could always find a hidden stash of these candies tucked away in a container in my Grandpa’s Oldsmobile. I love it when a certain taste or smells take you back to wonderful memories. Of times and places. Of people. Things that make you smile. Things that you just want to come back to. Kind of like this salad.

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